6 Tips Sheets from the WHO: Parenting in the Time of COVID (in Multiple Languages)


The WHO has released six downloadable posters of tips to help parents interact constructively with their children during this time of confinement. The six one-page printable sheets offer actionable tips on the following topics:

  1. Planning one-on-one time (PDF)
  2. Staying positive (PDF)
  3. Creating a daily routine (PDF)
  4. Avoiding bad behavior (PDF)
  5. Managing stress (PDF)
  6. Talking about COVID-19 (PDF)

Please note that the WHO has also made these sheets available in multiple languages. For your convenience, we have included a few links here:

“6 Tips” sheet in Vietnamese
“6 Tips” sheet in Korean
“6 Tips” sheet in Mandarin
“6 Tips” sheet in Japanese

We hope that you will find these colorful sheets helpful and fun to use!