[VIDEO] Middle School Virtual Curriculum Night, August 27


This year’s Middle School Curriculum Night was held virtually, on Thursday, August 27 at 6:00 pm. We hope that you added this to your calendar and that all Middle School parents and students were able to attend.

Did You Miss the Orientation?

CLICK HERE to watch the recording of the Curriculum Night Zoom

Curriculum Night is an important kick-off to the school year and your participation ensures that we’re beginning the year together, with the same information. 

What to Expect

In addition to ensuring that we all start the year with the same information, this shared experience is an opportunity for parents and students to:

  • Learn about each teacher
  • Learn about each course
  • See the learning environment
  • View curriculum resources
  • Learn how to contact the teacher 

Curriculum Night Online: Three parts

Curriculum Night will consist of three parts: a Zoom meeting, course videos, and a Google Form for questions. 

Part 1

Although Curriculum Night format will be held online, it is very important to “arrive” on time. We will start at 6:00 pm promptly, with a Zoom meeting for all Middle School parents and students.

Part 2

Following the Zoom meeting, you will watch 8 course videos from each of your child’s teachers. Each video is 3-5 minutes long and contains important details about the course, as well as an introduction to your teacher. In under 40 minutes, you will have an informative overview of all of your child’s teachers and courses.  

Part 3

The final component of our Curriculum Night will be a Google Form where you can submit all your questions. We will make sure that your questions will be answered and common questions will be collected in an FAQ document for follow up.

You will receive an email with the links to the Zoom meeting, your child’s teacher videos, and the Google Form on August 27 at 2:00 pm.