Virtual School Parent Guide – SSIS Always Prepared


    Dear SSIS Parents, 

    Vietnam has done an extraordinary job keeping us all safe from COVID-19. Last month, we witnessed how quickly and efficiently the government reacted to limit the sudden surge in transmissions. 

    Although we do not anticipate that we will have to go into Virtual School at this time, we have all learned the importance of being prepared so that your children’s learning proceeds towards the established learning goals without interruption. 

    That is why, next Friday, September 18, from 9:30 to 10:00 am, we will have a practice connection session. During the session, teachers will connect online with each student or with the parents for certain grade-levels. The practice connection session will help us test our systems and make any necessary adjustments to ensure everyone is ready if we are required to transition to Virtual School 

    The feedback we received from you, your child, and your child’s teachers on Virtual School last year was positive and informative. You will find improvements to the program based on this feedback, the lessons learned and our reflections. 

    To familiarize yourself with our new comprehensive Virtual School program, I encourage you to read our Virtual School Parent Guide carefully so that your family is well-prepared if we are required by the government to move to Virtual School. You will find that our Virtual School program is world-class.

    As always, I encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns. 

    All best wishes, 

    Dr. Catriona Moran

    Head of School