Virtual School – SSIS Always Prepared: Guide for Elementary School Families


Dear ES Parents,

Thank you for your participation and support for our Virtual School practice session today.  Although we do not anticipate going into Virtual School, it is important that we are all well-prepared.

Being Prepared

Today, our teachers have developed individualized Virtual School schedules for students. However, please assure your children that we are NOT expecting to be starting Virtual School. We are just getting our systems prepared in case we ever need them. They will appear on your child’s Google Calendar, and some students may receive ‘invites’ over the weekend but need not worry.

Why Prepare Now?

Being prepared now ensures that everything is in place in case we would be required to transition to Virtual School. It will make it easier for your child and for your family.

Virtual School: A Guide for Elementary School Parents

To further support our parents in the event of Virtual School, we have developed Virtual School: A Guide for Elementary School Parents. It explains requirements and scheduling, how to be prepared, as well as a section on supporting your child during Virtual School. We encourage you to read it at your earliest convenience.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,

Daniel J. Keller, PhD

Elementary School Principal