Remote ES Library for Parents – Checkout Procedures


We are delighted to offer Elementary School parents the chance to check out books from the ES library! 

ES Parents: Procedures to Checkout Books from ES Library

  1. Visit Destiny Discover: Elementary School Catalog 
  2. Search by title, topic, etc. When you find a book you would like to check out, please click on the cover of the book to get the information you will need to fill out the form (title, call number, and sublocation). 
Example: The title of the book, “Dogs,” is listed at the top right. Below you will find the call number, here “E GRA” and the sublocation “ES Library.”

3. Fill out the Parent: ES Library Book Request Form.
4. Book requests received by 8 a.m. will be dropped off to your student before the end of the same day to bring home.
5. Please return books with your child when you are finished.

Happy reading!

Lara Keller, ES Librarian