Parent Education: Webinar – Building Success Through Resilience, November 19


As adults, we understand that the path to success and happiness is not a straight line. So why are we all parenting our children as if there is a formula? This and other interesting questions will be answered in our next Parent Education session. 

On November 19, 8:30 – 9:30 am, Chinh Le Ostrander, psychotherapist, and family counselor will be our guest speaker at Parent Education Series – Session 3: Building Success Through Resilience.

The event will be held in our new HS MPR2 on the second floor of the HS building.

What Parents Will Learn

Ms. Ostrander will talk about how parents can create an environment that does not involve helicoptering or “tigering.”

Parents will also learn useful tools and strategies for getting through frustrating times with their children, as Ms. Ostrander focuses on building strong relationships between parents and children. 

Registration and Masks Required

Please note that you must register if you would like to attend this event. Parents who have not registered will not be allowed on campus. Also, all parents are required to wear masks while on campus and have their temperatures taken:



Chinh Le Ostrander Bio

Chinh Le Ostrander is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in Ho Chi Minh City since 2014. She is a psychotherapist who specializes in work with children, teenagers, and families.

She spent years at the University of Washington working with researchers to study factors in preventing youth problem behaviors. Her work is based on helping kids and families to build strengths and skills while decreasing risk factors to address individual, social, and family stressors.