New Simplified Assignment Levels During Virtual School

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Dear ES Parents,

Next Monday, November 22, the Elementary School is implementing a change that we think will make our families very happy.

Starting next Monday, we are simplifying your child’s assignment levels from three levels to two during the duration of Virtual School: 

  • Required assignments (RED)
  • Enrichment assignments (GREEN)

Why Are We Changing to Two Levels?

When your child is learning on campus, we have a controlled and structured learning environment, so all assignments and activities are required. 

However, during Virtual School, we understand that not all families can provide the same level of control, structure, and support throughout the day. So although approximately 70 % of the assignments during Virtual School are required, 30% are for enrichment.

Required Assignments – Ensuring Your Child is on Track

The required assignments ensure that your child has access to the learning they need to be prepared for the next grade level. They should focus on these assignments.

Enrichment Assignments – When Your Child Wants, or Needs, a Little More

Enrichment assignments are optional assignments that a student may choose to do. They may have finished their other work, or they may be ready for something new. Two key factors to remember:

  • Enrichment assignments are part of a good education, but your child’s teacher will not use them for grading
  • Enrichment assignments extend a student’s learning into exciting new areas

What Do You Need to Do?

You do not need to do anything. Your child’s teacher will indicate which of your child’s assignments are red (required) and which ones are green (enrichment).  

If you have any questions about our new two-level assignment system, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Daniel J. Keller, PhD

Elementary School Principal