Reminder: G6 Return to Campus, Orientation Day and Additional Information


Dear Middle School Parents / Guardians of Grade 6 Students,

We are very excited to welcome grade 6 students to campus on Thursday and Friday this week.  If you were unable to attend the parent information session, you can view the recording and slideshow here:

MS G6 Return to Campus Recording

MS G6 Return to Campus Slideshow

General Return to Campus Parent Information Recording (followed by elementary school return to campus details) (Passcode: =SgQ4?Yk)

For this email, I wanted to remind you of the key information previously shared.  

February 10 and 11, Orientation Schedule for Grade 6

In order to best support our grade 6 students’ transition, their first day of physical school will follow a special schedule that begins with a mandatory orientation.  

Thursday, Feb. 10: Grade 6 Orientation


Arrive on campus

Orientation and training, including lunch

Friday, Feb. 11: Grade 6 Orientation


Arrive on campus

Orientation and training, including lunch


Lunch:  Students will be eating lunch at school on both Thursday and Friday.  You can either send your child with lunch from home or have them purchase lunch in the cafeteria.

Transportation:  You will need to provide transportation for your child on Thursday and Friday.  If your child rides the bus, please be sure to communicate with Ms. Vy Tran,, regarding details.


  • Health and Travel Screening Questionnaire:  Completed by Wednesday, February 9th at 9:00 am.  This is a required one-time questionnaire. This was emailed to all parents from the Health Office.
  • Self-Test: Complete a COVID self-test before returning to campus on Thursday, February 10. 
  • Completion of Daily Health Survey: Complete health survey daily.  This can be done by the student or parent.  This will be sent via SMS each day at 6:00 am.  iPads are available at the gate for those students who have not completed the daily survey.
  • Mandatory Mask Usage: Masks must be worn at all times on campus.  Students should bring 2 extra masks each day.  

Again, we are so excited to see grade 6 students on campus this week.  If you have additional questions, please be sure to either email or call the MS office.

Kind regards,

Molly Burger
Middle School Principal