EC & KG Interview & Staggered Start 2022-2023

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Dear Parents,

Students in Early Childhood (EC) and Kindergarten (KG) will have orientation between
August 9 – 12, 2022.

The orientation has three parts:
1. family interview
2. school year preparations, and
3. staggered start day

1. Family Interview

The family interview allows students to begin the school year in a warm, welcoming, and
relaxing environment. All families will attend their family interview on one of two days: August 9 OR August 10 (you have been emailed your date).

The interview consists of three parts:

1. 25-minute chat with your child’s teacher
2. 20 minutes working on an art project with your child
3. 20 minutes to explore our outside learning environment

2. School Year Preparations

As part of the orientation process, we have created a checklist so that you
can make sure your child has everything they need when they begin on their staggered
start day. Please complete the checklist before August 11, 2022. It has been emailed to you.

3. Staggered Start Day

EC and KG students begin the year in a staggered start as a half class. Beginning the year
as a half class lets young children receive individualized attention and transition into a new
environment as they are introduced to the new school routines.

Half of your child’s class will attend school on August 11, the other half on August 12.
Beginning on Monday, August 15, ALL students will attend class together.

We look forward to welcoming you personally at your family interview.

Melanie Sylvester
Elementary School Principal