HS eNews April 13 – 18


Dear Parents of High School Students,

During the month of April, students in grades 9-11 will be creating a writing piece to be externally scored, this test is referred to as the Writing Assessment Program (WrAP) developed by Educational Records Bureau (ERB).  This writing session is similar to the On-Demand writing students have been doing all year at the beginning and end of a writing unit. Though each grade level team will score the writing, the main difference is this writing piece will also be scored externally by ERB. This allows us to norm our scores with other International Schools.

Right after Spring break, the week of May 4, SSIS students in grades 9-10 will participate in an external standardized assessment called Measures of Academic Progress™ (MAP). This assessment comes from the US educational organization, Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA). The MAP test allows us to determine your child’s instructional level and to measure academic growth from the beginning of the school year, and from year to year in the areas of reading, language arts, and mathematics.

SSIS believes that the data derived from this external assessment supports our school goals for attending to every child’s individual growth and achievement. Through our shared conversations about student learning, we can have a profound positive effect on the lives of our children.

For more information on MAP resources for parents, download the Parent Toolkit. As with each school day, be sure you child has slept well, had a nutritious breakfast and comes to school with a positive attitude.

Individual MAP and WrAP reports will be distributed with the final report card at the end of the school year. Should you have questions please contact me by phone or email tfossgreen@ssis.edu.vn.

Thank you,

Tina Fossgreen

Curriculum Director