Parent input for 2017 Strategic Planning


Dear SSIS Parents –

Having secured re-accreditation with WASC last month, we are now creating a three-year Strategic Plan. We want to keep moving forward as a school and offer your students the very best in the way of an American-style international education. As we create this plan, we ask all members in the community to share their ideas for ways to improve SSIS.

Two weeks from now, we welcome Mr. Henry “Skip” Kotkins, a senior consultant from the prestigious Carney, Sandoe and Associates in Boston, who will lead four days of meetings. Friday and Saturday, 21-22 April 2017, there will be open meeting for students, teachers, and parents to meet with Mr. Kotkins. On Sunday, 23 April, a small group of senior administrators and board members will work with Mr. Kotkins to synthesize the ideas expressed, and action items already in our WASC Self-Study, into a strategic plan which will be shared with the community in an afternoon meeting on Monday afternoon, 24 April 2017.

While you are welcome to attend these sessions which are open to all, we offer you an opportunity to share your thoughts beforehand with the SSIS Board. We want to ensure that all voices are heard in this process to maintain SSIS on the path for continued future success. Please follow this link to fill out the form.

If you would prefer to fill this form out in another language, we will release Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese versions later today.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Sylte, Head of School