Introducing “SchoolsBuddy” – Simplifying Scheduling of ASAs and More


We are excited to announce that we have just started phase 1 of implementing ‘SchoolsBuddy’, a new tool that will help parents and students manage After School Activities (ASA), Clubs and Athletics.

What is SchoolsBuddy?

SchoolsBuddy is a new tool that will manage the selection and registrations of ASAs, Clubs and, later Athletics, with just a few clicks. Before the program can work effectively, parents will need to register a SchoolsBuddy account.

Who Will Use SchoolsBuddy in Phase 1?

SchoolsBuddy will be rolled out in three (3) phases, as shown below. We are currently implementing Phase 1. ONLY EC – G5 ASA Sign-Ups will be managed through SchoolsBuddy at this time.

Phase 1: EC – Grade 5 ASA Sign-Ups (please see below)
Phase 2: High School Clubs Registration
Phase 3:  Middle School and Athletics Registration

Registering for SchoolsBuddy

This week, you should have received an email asking you to activate your SchoolsBuddy account. Click on the link provided in the email. (It is not possible to register through their website). You must use the email the invitation was sent to, in order to register. 

If you did not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. It may have been flagged as spam. 

Accessing SchoolsBuddy

Once you are registered, you will access SchoolsBuddy here:

Schoolsbuddy can also be accessed through the SchoolsBuddy mobile app, available for Android and iOS devices. 

EC – G5: How to Choose ASAs

The SchoolsBuddy software will guide you in how to make you ASAs selections. We encourage you to make your child an active part in choosing from the ASAs available in SchoolsBuddy. If your first choices are not available, the system will follow up the next day and suggest other ASAs options for that slot. 

Additional Plans for SchoolsBuddy

SchoolsBuddy is being implemented in three phases, as described above. EC – G5 ASA Sign-Ups is Phase one. Phase two will enable SchoolsBuddy for High School Clubs registrations. Phase three will make SchoolsBuddy available for Middle School and Athletics. Eventually, SchoolsBuddy will also be used for parent-teacher conference scheduling, centralizing the registration process for parents, and making it easier to track your child’s activities.

Rest assured that we will continue to keep you updated, as we approach the next implementation phases.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding, as we implement tools to better serve you, as we continue making SSIS the most innovative international school in Vietnam!