VEX Robotics – SSIS Prepares to Lead the Future


    “Don’t ask a student what she wants to be when she grows up, ask her what problem she wants to solve…then give her the environment to build the knowledge, skills, and abilities she needs to solve that problem.”

    Jaime Casap

    We are so excited to share with our parent community, how the many ways that SSIS is demonstrating leadership in Vietnam in preparing young people for the future. Our focus on teaching coding, building and programming robots, and competing in VEX Robotics are just some of the ways we are preparing students. 

    As you may have heard, this past weekend, Evan Weinberg and his students presented the VEX Robotics Open House which was attended by Lawrence Ting School, BIS, ISHCMC, ISHCMC AAVN, the EMASI school, and Concordia Hanoi. 

    And as we continue to establish ourselves as leaders of innovation in robotics, we are proud to announce that SSIS will host the first-ever Vietnam VRC National Championship in January 2020. (Learn more about VRC National Championships, here).

    This is truly an exciting time in the school’s evolution and we are so happy that you and your children are a part of it!