Message from the Board Chair: Head of School, Dr. Moran Extends Contract Through June 2024


    We couldn’t be more excited to share the following message from the Board Chair, Gayle Tsien.

    Message from Board Chair: HOS Extension of Contract through June 2024

    Dear Members of the SSIS Community,

    On behalf of the SSIS Board, it is with great excitement we announce that after extensive discussions, our Head of School Dr. Moran has agreed to extend her contract to the 2023-2024 school year. Your Board believes having Dr. Moran as our long-term Head of School is in the best interests of our School and our students, and will ensure SSIS continues its momentum in the march to excellence, and realizing our five-year strategic plan — “Vision 2030” — being led by Dr. Moran.

    Dr. Moran joined SSIS in the fall of 2018, and with her bold and purposeful leadership, has had an indelible impact on every facet of our School. School has seen an upward trajectory in the quality and rigor of our programs in every division, with expanded offerings available (and with more to come) in STEM, humanities, arts and athletics; the development of new programs in public speaking, debate and Vex Robotics; the development and expansion of the University Guidance and social-emotional counseling offices, the additional leadership in Athletics, and a focus on a Wellness Program, to ensure our students are well supported in all areas. WASC recognized these achievements in their October 2019 interim visit, and the Committee’s comments were overwhelmingly positive. The Committee noted that there is “a palpable sense of excitement and aspiration for the future of SSIS throughout the community,” with students, faculty and staff morale at an all-time high.

    In this school year, Dr. Moran is leading our School in articulating the next five-year ‘Vision 2030’ Strategic Plan. You may have participated in recent meetings working with Flansburgh Architects and the Administration, on the exciting new Middle School and Design/Engineering facilities. Later in the year, many of you will be asked to join in the strategic planning process articulating the next 5-year plan for Vision 2030. These thoughtfully planned facilities, together with the purposeful growth and development of our people and programs, will provide the very best educational opportunities and environment for our students.

    We are fortunate to have Dr. Moran at the helm of our School to lead us in articulating, implementing and realizing Vision 2030. Please join the Board in congratulating and thanking Dr. Moran.


    Gayle Tsien, Chair
    SSIS Board