UPDATE: Rising G11 Parents: AP, IBDP and SSIS Curricular Option Information Session, December 3

UPDATE: If you were not able to attend the presentation, we have compiled this friendly FAQ for you: FAQ: AP, IBDP, and SSIS Curriculum Options.  Should you have other questions, please reach out to any of the following program experts:


Dear Parents of Rising Grade 11 Students,

Please register to attend our upcoming session about the three curricular options for students of grades 11 and 12: AP, IBDP, and SSIS courses by submitting this registration form. 

This informational session will take place on Thursday, December 3 at 6:00 p.m. in the auditorium at SSIS. Please note that this event is only open to parents. Students should not attend.

SSIS AP Curriculum Brochure

SSIS IB DP Curriculum Brochure

Each of the three curricular options available to students of grades 11 and 12 is strong in that they prepare our students to meet with success in their post-secondary plans.  It is really about our students understanding each of these options deeply so they can select the one that best helps them to achieve their goals while enjoying balance in life.  

We are pleased to present a panel of people from students, alumni, parents, counselors and program administrators to share about their experiences with the different curriculums.  We believe the information they will share will help inform and prepare our students to make decisions about the remainder of their high school studies.  

Registration Required

Don’t forget: to attend, you must complete this registration form to reserve your spot. Only registered people may enter our campus. Additionally, please share any questions you may have about AP, IBDP, or SSIS course options.  This will help ensure that we get you the information that you and your child need to make important decisions about scheduling. 


Ms. Jennifer Mendes

High School Principal