Diligent SSIS Students Seeking Summer Internships


    Dear SSIS Parents,

    Each day, SSIS supports, develops, and nurtures students to reach their highest potential. Like you, our parents, we have high expectations that our students will set themselves apart today and in the future as they pursue purposeful lives as global citizens.

    A summer internship is an extremely valuable opportunity for students to gain unique insights into the demands and rewards of the workplace and also to set them apart in their college applications by demonstrating how their motivations and pursuits extend beyond their on-campus achievements.

    Can Your Organization Provide Student Internships?

    This summer, we would like to place 10 – 20 of our high school students in meaningful internships, and we are seeking opportunities among the organizations of our parent population of esteemed professionals and industry leaders. 

    In previous years, students have been assigned and excelled at entry-level tasks such as writing articles, designing posters, assisting managers in a variety of fields, including media & journalism, law, medicine & health, hotel management, hospitality, and engineering.

    We have witnessed how opportunities such as these have, on several occasions, had a profound impact on the lives of our students, as they’ve grown from these unique real-world experiences, becoming even more inspired in their academic pursuits. Your contribution can make a real difference.

    Should you find that you have the capacity to welcome SSIS students as summer interns to your organization, or if you know someone else who does, please contact me at (hos@ssis.edu.vn) by April 29, 2021, to discuss. Thank you for your consideration.

    All best wishes,

    Dr. Catriona Moran

    Head of School