[VIDEO] Parent Education: New Wellness Series Starting August 25



During the first week of school, teachers, advisors, and counselors provided your children with valuable strategies and tips to help them cope and manage their wellbeing. 

We are now extending the same types of resources to our parents. 

First Wellness Session, August 25, 8:15 am

We invite you to join us on August 25 at 8:15 am as Chinh Le, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, shares ways that you and your family can improve your wellbeing during virtual school in her presentation “Family Wellness During Virtual School.”

This will be the first session of our new “Wellness Wednesday” series, which will be held twice a month in collaboration with mental health practitioners and our school counselors. 

Please note: You will receive the Zoom link via email and SMS.

Chinh Le Ostrander is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in Ho Chi Minh City since 2014. She is a psychotherapist who specializes in work with children, teenagers, and families.

Chinh spent years at the University of Washington working with researchers studying factors in preventing youth problem behaviors. Her work is based on helping kids and families to build strengths and skills while decreasing risk factors to address individual, social, and family stressors.