(G9-12) Semester 1 Assessment Schedule, December 9-15

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Dear Parents or Guardians of High School Students,

As we near the end of the first semester on December 22, I’d like to share the assessment schedule and information about how we are supporting students in finishing this first half of the school year strong and preparing them to meet Semester 2 with equal success. 

The plan consists of four parts: finishing assessments, reflecting on their performance, setting goals, and developing an action plan. 

The second half of this process will ensure students make the most of the five-week-long winter break and return to school on Tuesday, January 31 feeling confident and prepared. 

Semester 1 Assessment Schedule (December 9-15)

This schedule ensures that students:

  • Have no more than two assessments on a day 
  • Have end-of-semester activities, projects, or assessments spread over four days  

Additional support: 

  • Homework will not be assigned from December 9-15. Students will use this time to study and prepare for assessments 
  • After School Activities will not run from December 9-15 

Post-Assessment Schedule (Dec 16-22)

During the Post-Assessment period, students will:

  • Review their assessments from the previous week
  • Identify their strengths and areas of growth

So that students return on January 31 feeling confident and prepared, we will support students in:

  • Setting goals for the winter break in preparation for the next semester
  • Developing an individualized plan, with the help of resources provided by their teachers that will help them achieve the goals they have set

This has truly been a wonderful semester of learning in the high school. Your children have been engaged in high-level learning on a daily basis, making the most of all of the opportunities that exist in the way of academics, athletics, arts, and after-school activities.  

We look forward to a strong finish to this first semester and to supporting your children upon their return on January 31 feeling rested and ready for another great semester of learning.

All my very best,

Ms. Jennifer Mendes  

High School Principal