Parent Teacher Conferences: University & High School Counseling at SSIS


Dear Parents of High School Students, 

During Parent-Teacher Conferences, there are two ways to meet with the High School Counseling Department. 

The University Counselors, Ms. Braun and Mr. Jeong, will be hosting two open sessions for parents about University Counseling at SSIS. We will cover what students and parents need to know for grades 9-12, the support we offer, and conversations to have at home with your student. You can sign up for these sessions at 10:30 am on Thursday, or 7:30 am Friday on SchoolsBuddy. 

Our High School Counselors, Ms. Bui (Shenlong, Wyvern) and Ms. Pathak (Naga, Hydra), are available to meet with parents who would like to speak about concerns regarding their student’s academic success, mental health, or transition to SSIS. You can book your student’s counselor on SchoolsBuddy. 

In addition to Parent-Teacher Conferences, the high school counselors will be hosting a presentation with Boston University on “Applying to University in the times of Covid-19” with Samantha Fifield at 7:00 pm on  Thursday, October 14 on Zoom.

In this presentation, Ms. Fifield will address how Covid-19 has impacted applying to university, test-optional policies, and a short application case study. 

We look forward to seeing you at Parent-Teacher Conferences, 

High School Counseling Team

Ms. Kelly Braun, Director of High School Counseling and University Guidance

Mr. Sam Jeong, University Counselor

Ms. Julia Bui, High School Counselor

Ms. Devi Pathak, High School Counselor