[VIDEO] Parent Education, Wellness Series, December 8: Suicide Prevention


UPDATE: Video, Slideshow

Join us next Wednesday, December 8 at 10:00 am when our Parent Education Wellness Series will deal with suicide prevention.

Our counselors will be joined by Mr. Phuong Pham, a counselor trained in the person-centered approach founded by Carl Rogers. Mr. Pham, who focuses on facilitating self-awareness, believes that when people are met with empathy and unconditional positive regard, they are able to make sense of their own story and choose what is best for them.

With personal experience of growing up in an international school environment, Mr. Pham will bring an interesting and familiar perspective to parents on this complex and important subject matter.

Please see the Dragon Digest from Friday, December 3 for the Zoom link.

Bio Phuong Pham
Mr. Pham completed his Master’s at the University of Nottingham. In his practicum, Mr. Pham worked with young adolescents, teaching them how to cope with anxiety and various stressor around academic performance, family, and social pressures. He has also worked with The Human Flourishing Project, a non-profit community service where he worked with a variety of ages and conditions, ranging from bipolar, depression, anxiety, to PTSD and bereavement.