HOS: Earthquake Support of Communities in Need

    Head of School Letter header

    Dear SSIS Parents,

    The devastating news and images of last week’s earthquake in Turkey and Syria continue to pour in. To date, more than 40,000 people have lost their lives, and the destruction and loss are immeasurable.

    Our hearts go out to the people of Turkey and Syria and to our community members impacted by the tragic earthquake last week. Many people in the afflicted areas will need food, shelter, and medical supplies for many months and years to come.

    Several members of our caring community have been hard at work raising funds and have turned to the school for recommendations on where to submit donations.

    This page on the Turkish Embassy in Hanoi’s website has three links to organizations they have deemed reliable and will be a good resource for those wishing to contribute.

    Another organization with response efforts is Inara.org, a non-profit organization that provides access to life-altering medical and mental health care to conflict-impacted children. Endorsed by the Association for the Advancement of International Schools, Inara was founded by Arwa Damon, a former CNN reporter and humanitarian. Inara has established an earthquake-specific rapid response mission to collect funds for already vulnerable populations.

    As students have had questions or reflections about the earthquake, our teachers have addressed them in an age-appropriate manner. However, if, at any time, your child needs additional help processing something they’ve seen or heard, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s divisional counselor.

    As our community strives to make a difference as global citizens, let us come together to support those currently in dire need and live our Core Values through our words and actions.

    All best wishes,

    Dr. Catriona Moran

    Head of School