Letter From HS Principal

SSIS High School Students

Dear Parents of 2014-2015 SSIS High School Students,

As the school year comes to an end, I would like to share some information that I hope will be useful as you prepare for your child’s transition next year.

I would like to thank each of you for your support over this school year. Support at home makes the school experience for your son/daughter the best it can be and it is noticeable.

Please take note of these dates:

Monday, August 11, 2014 (AM): Registration for all returning SSIS students (to include incoming 9th graders) – see details in the information packet received with this letter. The registration will take place in the MPR (HS building, 4th floor) and is mandatory for all returning HS students.  Please be sure to bring signed forms, your laptop, and your student ID.

Monday, August 11, 2014 (PM): 1:00pm, New Student Orientation for all new high school students  – see details in the information packet received with this letter. The orientation for new students will take place in the MPR (HS building, 4th floor). Please be sure to bring signed forms, your laptop, and your student ID (if you have received it).

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 (8:00):  First Day of Classes for all high school students. Students will arrive at 7:45am and report to the auditorium. The day will begin with an opening assembly at 8am.


If you are leaving SSIS:
We wish you safe travels—and a soft landing—if you are moving to another country or school. You will be missed.


In general:
The transition to high school (for 8th graders) and a new school (for new students) represents a big leap for students and families—one that is often intimidating and a little frightening. While students are indeed required to be more responsible and independent in high school, I want to reassure you that they are not alone!

SSIS has two fulltime counselors to support students and parents. Ms. Kris Bumpus and Ms. Erin Hawken will be available on August 11. Ms. Bumpus work with students whose names start with A thru L. Ms. Hawken works with students whose names start with M thru Z. Beginning in July of 2014, Mr. John Kruk will serve as HS Principal.

A helpful source of support for students is the Advisory class, which will be listed as a course on your student’s schedule when they receive it on August 1. All HS students have an advisor whom they will meet regularly throughout the year to cover items such as the SSIS Student Handbook, WWW, personal safety, time management, talking to teachers, academic honesty and anything else HS students need to be successful.

I hope you and your son or daughter will have a relaxing summer and look forward to this next educational step with excitement, confidence, and optimism. High school and/or a new school is hard work, but also a lot of fun for both students and parents.

SSIS Uniform:
Students are expected to wear their school uniform beginning on August 12. It can be purchased in the school store. Beginning in 2014-2015, a dark blue sweater with SSIS seal will be part of the SSIS uniform for students wishing to purchase it


  • Math: A TI-84 or TI-84+ graphing calculator is required by most math courses;
  • Lockers: School provides two lockers with Master brand padlock, one near classrooms and one for PE:
  • Handbooks/Agenda: Students will receive this on Monday, August 11.   An agenda will be provided as a part of the handbook to help students keep track of homework and assignments.

Questions or Concerns?
Please contact Mr. John Kruk, HS Principal starting in late July 2014, by email. Before that, please contact Ms. Thao Nguyen, the HS Administrative assistant, at thaohnguyen@ssis.edu.vn, who will be in the office until mid-June.


Warmest wishes,

Paul Johnson
HS Principal, Saigon South International School
Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam