HS: Grade 9 Activities and Lock-in (Sep 20-21)


Dear Grade 9 Families,

Due to the cancellation of the grade 9 Week Without Walls, we have come up with some other activities on Thursday and Friday (September 20-21) for our students.  Grade 9 students will be travelling with their advisors to District 2 on Thursday, September 20 to ice skate (Vincom Mega Mall) and go to a trampoline park (Jump Arena).  Later in the afternoon, they will return to SSIS for an overnight Lock-in. All of the events will be chaperoned/supervised by the grade 9 teachers. Additionally, the PTA will host a breakfast the morning of September 21.  Please email ptahs@ssis.edu.vn if you can help out.  The itinerary for all of the activities are listed below.

  • Leave SSIS for district 2 at 8:15am
  • Students at Jump Arena from 9:30-11:00
  • Transfer to Vincom Mega Mall and lunch, 11:00-12:30 (students need to bring a small amount of money 200,000 VND for lunch at the food court)
  • Ice skating at Vincom Mega Mall, 12:30-2:30
  • Transfer to SSIS at 2:30, arrival by 4pm
  • Team building activities and dinner at SSIS from 4:00-6:30
  • Lock-in begins at 6:30pm in the Auditorium, HS Gym and HS Basement
  • Grade 9 StuCo Events from 7:00-9:00 pm
  • Lock-in Schedule, 9:00 pm-6:30 am
TIME Auditorium HS Gym Fitness Lab Fitness Centre Music Room
9 – 11 Movie # 1 Bball tournament/Vball tournament Games – Escape rooms?


Just Dance Now Competition Puzzles/Board Games/Color/Drawing/Cards
11 – 1 Movie # 2 Dodgeball tournament Games Just Dance Now Competition Puzzles/Board Games/Color/Drawing/Cards
1 – 6:30 am Closed Free Gym Time Sleeping Room Not Open Puzzles/Board Games/Color/Drawing/Cards


  • Breakfast 6:30-7:30 am
  • Students leave SSIS for home at 7:30 am to sleep
  • Students do NOT return to school on Friday, September 21 after the conclusion of the lock-in at 7:30am.

Students may bring the following for the activities and lock-in:  change of clothes (appropriate for school), towel (for showering at school), snacks, musical instrument, game console, laptops, pillows/ blanket/pajamas, different types of shoes (flip-flop, sports shoes), and a water bottle.

Please complete and return the bottom portion of this form to the HS office by Wednesday, September 19.

Your son or daughter was given a permission form today at lunch that needs to be returned to the HS office on Wednesday.  Here is the link to the document in case they lost it.