Re-Enrollment for 2021 – 2022


    Dear SSIS Parents,

    How fortunate we have been this school year. While large parts of the world have been in virtual or hybrid learning, your children have been on campus for over 100 days. It is an honor to be able to observe them maturing into young men and women of academic excellence, outstanding character, and positive citizenship. They are making us all proud.

    I’d like to extend my utmost gratitude for your cooperation during Virtual School and the confidence you expressed in our program, knowing that SSIS will deliver an excellent curriculum without interruption to your child’s learning, whatever challenges arise. 

    We remain committed to providing our students with the programs, tools, and opportunities needed to succeed and thrive in an ever-changing world. Our goal is to continue providing the best resources to support our world-class program at a reasonable cost to parents, and to support the strategic plan and our expanded programs and facilities.

    To that end, I am writing today to inform you of the tuition and fee schedule for the 2021-2022 academic school year. It will allow us to expand on our current programs, offering increased opportunities for your children, additional personnel for student and program support, and embark on the beginning stages of our facilities expansion project.

    As SSIS is structured on a not-for-profit model, the investment you make in tuition and fees is a direct investment in your child. Everything goes directly towards their education and school facilities. Increasing tuition by 4.5 % (5% in EC/K) ensures that we are able to continue providing the excellent programs you have come to expect from SSIS.  

    You will find the full details of our tuition and fees in the Statement of Tuition and Fees for 2021 – 2022.

    To re-enroll and secure your child’s spot for next year, please follow the steps outlined here.  

    Below, I would like to highlight some of the investments you can expect.

    New Professional Positions and Programs

    • A Director of Student Development to support your children’s intellectual and personal development across their entire EC-Grade 12 journey.
    • School Psychologist is now available to all students.
    • 8 added faculty positions and 6 support staff positions.
    • New Middle School electives such as Creating Writing, Public Speaking, EcoMaker, and History through Film.
    • New course offerings in the High School including Life Sciences; Geometry, Statistics and Probability; and AP Computer Science.

       Facilities Improvement and Expansion

    • Groundbreaking (permit process permitting) on our new, state-of-the-art Middle School and STEM/Design center. 
    • Improved air filtration and ventilation systems across campus.  
    • Revamped student locker rooms in the Middle School building. 

    We are so grateful to you, our parents, for entrusting us with your children’s education. It is a responsibility we take very seriously. And as we embark on Vision 2030, the new strategic plan, we expect that the years ahead will be some of the most exciting in the school’s history – from the planned program expansions to our facilities development and to the myriad of opportunities that your children will benefit from as we prepare them for purposeful lives as global citizens. 

    All best wishes,

    Dr. Catriona Moran

    Head of School