The Caterers News – August


Welcome back,

We are always appreciative for the great support the SSIS community extends to The Caterers and have made it our mission to create greater experiences and added value for the students.

Chef Brian’s Goal at SSIS

Chef Brian believes strongly in using natural fresh ingredients without the use of artificial additives and flavorings, which ties in perfectly with The Caterers objective at SSIS.

With the new school year upon us, we are excited to update you on some changes and improvements.

Newly Renovated Facilities

During the summer the kitchen has been completely renovated, providing greater facilities and the Cafeteria revamped providing a fresh new environment.

New Campus Operation Manager

We are happy to welcome Mr. Nhat (or Nick) to our SSIS team as campus operation manager. Mr. Nhat, who gained several years of experience working in Australia in the hospitality industry, is on a mission to help us raise the level of service at the school.


Dedicated Clearing Station for G1 – G3

One great little addition is the dedicated clearing station for the grade 1 to 3 students, designed specifically for their use only and built with their height in mind. Through these small actions and tasks they need to perform, these young students are learning more about responsibility while becoming more independent.

Reduce Waste. Bring Your Own.

As we continue to support the SSIS community’s values for doing what is right for the planet; one major initiative we are working on jointly is the concept of “Bring Your Own.” By encouraging students, faculty, and staff alike to bring their own bottle, thermos, cup, or mug for beverages around the school, we will be able to reduce the amount of waste dramatically. Our fruit blended drink menus have been designed around this concept.


100% Good for You

The new fruit and vegetable blended drinks are available at the Cafeteria, HS Kiosk and also at the Café. All of our blended drinks are 100% natural. No sugar, no artificial flavorings, no additives, and no dairy products. As we say, “healthy eating made easy”!

New Prices

Price increases are an unavoidable part of doing business, and we want to continue to grow and offer the services and results you have to come to expect from us.

While many of the “grab and go” items remain at the same price, the items which have increased are at a minimal increase between 2,000 VND to 5,000 VND. The new prices are displayed on the menus (find the August menu here). You will also always find the menus on the notice board at the entrance to the Cafeteria.

Main courses are now served in set portions, to make wait times shorter for the students. One main dish is included in the set menu, but students may take multiple dishes at an additional charge. Top-up cards are now also accepted at the smoothie stand. We want to make these changes are known to parents so that you can discuss with your children the expectations for lunchtime.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or just want to say hello, you can contact any of us below.

Ms. Hong- Head Cashier:

Mr. Nhat – Campus Operation Manager:

Mr. Brian – Development Chef:

Mr. Stephen – CEO:

“Our promise is to provide the best meal experience with the least amount of harm to the planet”