Important Updates and Travel Restrictions: School Calendar 2020 – 2021


    Dear SSIS Community,

    We have all experienced the far-reaching and dynamic impact that COVID-19 can have in our lives in unanticipated ways. Although none of us can see into the future, as a school, we must attempt to do just that. 

    During the past several months, our School Leadership Team has carefully evaluated our 2020 – 2021 school calendar looking at scenarios that will ensure the integrity of our programs and the well-being of our students and families. As a result, this upcoming school year, we are delighted to implement a seven-day Tết holiday break that extends over two weekends to meet our community’s needs. 

    Certain other aspects of our calendar planning have been less positively impacted by the continued uncertainty of the global pandemic. Events associated with athletics and activities, normally fixed many months in advance, are subject to social distancing requirements, health, safety measures, quarantines, and travel and visa restrictions.

    In consultation with International SOS and the governing bodies of multiple regional athletics organizations, the School Leadership Team has come to the difficult decision to cancel all overnight school travel trips for the foreseeable future, most of which would require significant travel. This includes, but is not limited to, SEASAC and MRISA Athletic tournaments, Middle and High School Week Without Walls, Grade 5 Cat Tien trip, as well as all club related overnight trips. 

    We understand how disappointing this will be to the many students who will be affected by this decision. These activities allow our students to grow in character and live our core values beyond the classrooms. They will always be important to the SSIS program. Fortunately, local activities that do not involve overnight travel, such as, but not limited to the citywide MUN Conference and SISAC, Saigon International School Athletic Conference, will continue to be a strong focus at SSIS. In addition, please know that we will continue exploring ways to provide our students with meaningful experiences and we will re-visit the possibility of student travel in the new year. 

    Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding the athletics and activities, please do not hesitate to contact the SSIS Activities/Athletics office. Questions and feedback regarding Week Without Walls or the Grade 5 Cat Tien trip, should be directed to the divisional principals. 

    We thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we adjust and adapt to the challenges and opportunities that the current worldwide situation presents. 

    All good wishes,

    Dr. Catriona Moran

    Head of School