The Caterers – August Menus


Please find the Caterers lunch menus for August, below.

EC/KINDER (46,500 VND/meal)

Meals are delivered to the classrooms.
EC/KINDER Set Menu, August 2020

Elementary School G1 – G5 (62,500 VND/meal)

Meals are pre-ordered online and delivered to the classrooms.
G1 – G5, Grab & Go Menu, August 2020

Middle School G6 – G8 (73,000 VND/meal)

Students pick up their meal in the Cafeteria, no pre-order required. Same Grab & Go options as G1- G5.
G6 – G8, Grab & Go Menu, August 2020

High School G9 – G12 (73,000 VND/set lunch or 62,500/stir fry noodles)

Set lunch from the counter at the kiosk or stir-fry.
G9 – G12, Set Lunch Menu, August 2020