Introduction to High School Counseling, Grades 9 – 12


The High School Counseling team is excited to work with students Grades 9-12. High School counselors and University Counselors are here for students when they need help–with anything! We are good listeners and we want to help our students get the most out of school.

New University Guidance Counselor

This year, we are excited to announce the arrival of a new University Guidance Counselor to SSIS, Mr. Sam Jeong.

Mr. Jeong comes to SSIS from United World College (UWC) Changshu China, where he helped build up a university advising department as an inaugural member. Mr. Jeong believes that the university process can be a way for students to find their own voices and stories, and he loves meeting with his students as they wrestle through the tough but necessary questions—Who do I want to be? Why? 

Prior to his experience in China, Mr. Jeong served as an Assistant Director of Admissions for Dartmouth College, where he oversaw applications from East Asia and served on the international student admissions committee. Mr. Jeong is also a former Fulbright Scholar in Kinmen, Taiwan, where he worked as an elementary school English teacher. 

Mr. Jeong is a graduate of Williams College, where he received his bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Chinese. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Private School Leadership from Columbia University’s Klingenstein Center. In 2019, Mr. Jeong was the recipient of the Rising Star Award from his professional organization, International Association for College Admission Counseling. We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Jeong! 

Mr. Jeong will join the team with Ms. Kelly Braun, Director of High School Counseling and University Guidance, and Ms. Julia Bui, High School Counselor. 

Why Would a Student Go to a University Counselor?

University Counselors work with students in 9-12 with anything related to the university process, such as:

  • Applications to universities in grade 12
  • Reviewing essays and other relevant application materials
  • Presentations on all aspects of the university process  
  • Curriculum choices in every grade level
  • Standardized testing plans
  • Hosting 200+ universities for visits and events

Why Would a Student See a High School Counselor? 

  • having friendship troubles
  • struggling with schoolwork
  • new to the school and you don’t have friends yet
  • upset about a family problem, such as divorce or death of a loved one
  • someone is hurting you physically, verbally, emotionally 
  • having thoughts of hurting yourself 

How Counselors Are Assigned

You may notice counselors are not assigned by family name. This year, the University Counselors will work with grade 12 students divided by houses. Students in grades 9 through 11 will work with both University Counselors. Grade 11 students will be assigned a University Counselor during the second semester.

We are looking forward to having students stop by our office this school year! 


Ms. Braun, Ms. Bui, Mr. Jeong