School Photos, Fall 2020: Dates and Timeline for All Divisions


    “Say Cheeeeese!” School photos will begin next week, so get ready to put on your best smile.

    We will begin with High School, August 24 – 27. For the other divisions, please see details below.

    Dates and Timeline

    HIGH SCHOOL – August 24 – 27

    MIDDLE SCHOOL – August 31 – September 4

    ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – September 7 – 11

    You will be notified when proof photos and order forms are available in the Powerschool Parent Portal.


    Parents will be able to view the individual photos before placing orders. Packages will range from 100,000VND to 400,000VND.

    In addition, each Elementary School class will have pictures taken with their homeroom teacher. Mr. Tung will take one traditional class photo and one “funny faces” class photo (see example above). Both will be available for purchase as 8 x 10-inch (20.32 x 25.4 cm) color photos.

    What to Wear – School Uniform Polo Shirt

    Students must wear their school uniform polo shirt (ie, shirt with collar) for school photos.  If a student has PE on photo day, they should bring a uniform polo shirt to change into for the photo.

    Additional Details

    Each division will be publishing detailed divisional schedules as their dates approach. For any other questions about the school photos, please contact Ms.Ha at