March Media Mentor, Fun Way to Have Conversations Around Technology with Your Child


As a parent, there are many ways to connect with our children and to help guide them.

The creators of March Media Mentor, have previously released a calendar of actionable daily prompts each March to help parents mentor and connect with their children in their children’s digital world.

The idea behind this initiative is for parents and children to celebrate positive uses of technology, explore creative pursuits, while encouraging families to take time for important conversations about how we best use our devices.

Connect Digitally Using Board Game

This year, the creator of March Media Mentor, Keri-Lee Beasly has developed a game in collaboration with two other educators (Sandra Chow and Clint Hamada) to create a game-based format for Media Mentor Month.

Download Board Game

We encourage you to print this board game and use the activities throughout March, to help develop a positive relationship around technology with your child. See how many of the squares you can complete, in any order that you like!

Naturally, you can do these activities at any time, so feel free to print and use as you wish!