Head of School Update, May 6: HCMC People’s Committee Directive Instructs Schools to Be Ready for Virtual School


    Dear SSIS Parents,

    Last night, the People’s Committee of HCMC issued directive 1294/SGDDT-VP, which instructs schools to prepare for online learning. 

    As such, we cannot rule out the likelihood that SSIS will be required to transition to Virtual School, even if a start date has not been set. 

    In preparation for a potential move to Virtual School, your children may bring home additional school materials today and tomorrow. 

    We are hopeful that we will be able to continue administering external exams (IB and AP) on-campus, and we remain in close discussions with the DOET. We will administer the SAT this Saturday, on campus, as planned.

    If we are instructed to transition to Virtual School, we will inform you by email and SMS.  There will be one full working day for students and teachers to transition to ensure that all systems run smoothly, as outlined in the SSIS Virtual School Guide.

    We know that learning in the physical environment is preferred by students, teachers, and parents alike. However, feedback on our student experience with Virtual School this year was very positive, and you can be assured that we will provide an equally high-quality program again if the need arises. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 

    All good wishes,

    Dr. Catriona Moran
    Head of School