New SSIS Traffic Guidelines SY 22-23


    Dear SSIS Families, 

    As Dr. Moran shared in her recent email, one of the exciting changes over the summer is that construction preparations have begun on campus for our new middle school building and STEAM/design center. 

    Great care has been taken to keep your children safe. When you visit campus next week, you will notice the new enclosures around the building areas. 

    New Campus Traffic Guidelines

    As a result of the construction, we have made changes to our traffic guidelines. It is very important that everyone in our community understands and follows these new campus traffic guidelines for the safety of our students. 

    To ensure that we can continue to allow cars on campus, please support our efforts to keep your children safe.

    Vehicle Access


      • Gate 2 will be used by all vehicles (cars, buses, motorbikes, and bicycles) 
      • Cars may ONLY drop-off students in the designated drop-off zone. 
      • Please note that students may ONLY be dropped off at the curb. They should have their belongings with them. No drivers are allowed to leave the vehicle when dropping off children.
    • Please note that Gates 1 and 4 are closed to all traffic.


    • Gate 3 – cars and buses
    • Gate 2 – motorbikes and bicycles

    Afternoon Bus Routine

    • Buses will pick up students from campus starting at 3:15 pm to minimize traffic congestion.
    • Students will wait at the Pavillion behind the school store. 
    • ES TAs will walk EC to G2 students to the Pavillion and wait until each student is called to the bus.


    • Pedestrians should access campus at points A, B, C, or D (see map)
    • Everyone crossing Nguyen Duc Canh should use the crosswalk at the traffic light outside of Circle K.

    Campus Traffic Rules

    • The campus speed limit is 10 km per hour.
    • All drivers—parents and family employees—should obey all posted signs.
    • Please stay attentive and must follow directions from SSIS staff and uniformed guards.
    • Vehicles should not be left unattended. 
    • Passengers should only exit cars on the curbside of the covered walkway.
    • Please do not unload items at the curbside drop-off zone, only drop-off passengers.
    • Pedestrians have the right of way. Please stop at all crosswalks to allow pedestrians to cross. 
    • We ask that drivers who are waiting for parents during drop-off, park in the parking lot. If there is no space in the lot, please wait off campus. 
    • Please only use horns to warn in an emergency.

    Warnings will be issued to drivers who do not follow the rules. To keep our community safe, we may bar drivers from campus who do not follow the traffic rules. 

    Please Note

    • There will be congestion. Please be patient and allow extra time at drop-off and pick-up. 
    • For your children’s safety, we strongly recommend that no elementary school children get dropped off outside of the school gates. 
    • If you would like your children to use the school bus, please contact our busing coordinator, Ms. Vy:
    • Phu My Hung police will help with the crosswalk outside of campus. SSIS staff will also help to direct traffic to ensure the safety of all our students. 

    We appreciate your continued support and efforts to keep our entire community safe. Thank you in advance for your understanding. 

    Kind regards,

    Michelle Marcelo (Facilities Manager) and

    Wai Mun Fong (Associate Head of School for Finance & Operations)