The Competitive Edge: Seeking Summer Internship Opportunities


    Dear SSIS Parents,

    Ensuring that we offer our students the richest and most varied opportunities possible is one of the many ways that we nurture your children to reach their highest potential and beyond.

    Summer internships are an incredibly impactful way that successful business owners and industry-leading professionals like yourselves can help provide the unique opportunities that will set our students apart in today’s competitive market.

    Last summer’s internship program was hugely successful, and we are incredibly grateful for the numerous parents who hosted SSIS interns at their companies and organizations.

    Our ambitious students’ interest in internship placements has increased significantly as the program has grown. Naturally, we would like to ensure that every student who wishes to gain the invaluable industry-specific knowledge and skills that an internship offers is able to do so.

    Would you consider offering an SSIS student an internship in your organization or company?

    Your three-week commitment can have a lasting impact on a young person’s life, as internships provide them with unique insights into the expectations of a professional environment. Internships can also inspire their academic pursuits, and during the university application process, an internship demonstrates how a student’s motivations and pursuits extend beyond their on-campus achievements.

    For businesses and professionals, internships are a chance to give back to the community by investing in the next generation of professionals and an opportunity to share your expertise with young people who are eager to learn and grow.

    In previous years, SSIS students have excelled in entry-level tasks such as writing articles, designing posters, synthesizing market research, and assisting managers in various fields, including law, medicine & health, media & journalism, insurance, hospitality, and engineering.

    Each step of engaging in a real-life professional environment, such as practicing writing a resume, participating in an interview, or reaching out to an “employer,” is a valuable real-life skill. In short, all of the unique experiences that you provide a student through an internship will give them a significant advantage in today’s highly competitive market.

    Should your organization or company have the capacity to welcome SSIS students as summer interns, or if you know someone who does, please contact Head of School Assistant Oanh Dao ( before April 3rd.

    Thank you for your continued support in allowing us to provide the best possible opportunities for our students.

    All best wishes,


    Dr. Catriona Moran

    Head of School