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Dear Parents of HS Students,

The AP and IB exams continue this week according to the following schedule:

Monday, May 11th

IB Bio. Koean A P.2 -MPR

IB Chinese B P2- MPR

IB Chinese Ab initio P2-MPR

AP Biology-C020

AP Music Theory-C009

IB Physics P2 -MPR

Tuesday, May 12

IB Math HL P1 -MPRIB Math SL P1 – MPR

IB Math Studs.P1 – MPR

IB Spanish B HL/SL P1IB Spanish ab initio P1

AP French- C020

Wednesday, May 13

IB Spanish B HL & SL P.1 – C020

IB Spanish Ab Initio P.1 – C020

IB English LAng & Comp. – C020


IB Math SL P2 – MPR

IB Math Studs P2 – MPR

AP Statistics – C020

Thursday, May 14

IB Hist. HL & SL P.1 – MPR

AP World Hist – C020

IB Chemistry HL/SL P.1&2

Friday, May 15

IB Chem SL & HL P. 3 – MPR

IB History SL/HL P2 – MPR


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