End-Of-Year Update and Plans for the Future


    Dear SSIS Parents,

    As we come to the end of my first year as Head of School, I am taking time to reflect on what an outstanding year it has been. Our classrooms are abuzz with students engaged in deep and meaningful learning, positive relationships, and enjoyment of the SSIS experience. Our graduating seniors are moving on to the best universities around the world that are the best fit for them. Our athletes exceeded our expectations in this new and challenging league, SEASAC. In addition to the curricular and co-curricular programs we have long been recognized for, SSIS leads in the development of robotics in schools all around the country, the building of a country wide speech and debate program, and our Early Childhood Program is recognized as one of the most innovative in Vietnam.

    All of these accomplishments and growth are made possible by the quality education that SSIS provides and the extraordinary personal care that teachers and staff consistently demonstrate. With a 92% student retention rate from year to year, more and more students are thriving at SSIS.

    I wish to invite you to an End-of-Year Parent  Coffee on Tuesday, May 21, at 8:15 AM in the Middle School Library where we will review the year.  We will share these successes and, as SSIS commits to continuous improvement, the areas where we wish to improve.  

    At this coffee, we will share an update on the SSIS Strategic Areas of Focus:

    1. Institutional Excellence
    2. Academic Excellence

    I will also provide an update on facilities expansion and construction at this meeting and anticipated next steps.

    I hope you can join us for this parent coffee to celebrate our community’s successes and to learn about SSIS’s future plans. This is a wonderful community and I consider myself privileged to be a part of it. I look forward to speaking with you on Tuesday, May 21.


    Dr. Catriona Moran
    Head of School