SSIS Program Growth in an Ever-changing World


    Dear SSIS Parents,

    I hope that last week’s conferences provided valuable and insightful information on your child’s progress this year.

    As I have previously shared, we have finalized our recruitment of new faculty for the 2022-2023 school year.

    We are proud that SSIS continues to be a school of choice for faculty and parents who wish to join a well-established supportive community with a worldwide reputation for excellence. Thus, we have successfully recruited some of the best educators from around the world to join the fantastic staff we already have at our school

    Despite the challenges of Covid, our program has continued to grow, adapting to an ever-changing world. As such, we have added several positions to further enhance the programs and opportunities that will allow your children to go on to live purposeful lives as global citizens. You will hear more about the new programs at our Head of School presentation on April 21, during our update of Vision 2030: the SSIS Strategic Plan.

    In the meantime, please meet four new members of our faculty who will fill new positions at SSIS that starting in our new school year in August, will provide even greater support for your children.

    Dr. Dan Long Director of Activities and Community Outreach

    Dr. Dan Long

    As we have seen, our community is stronger when we work together. To build deeper extensive collaborations and develop the best activities, clubs and extracurricular offerings for your children, Mr. Dan Long will take the new role of Director of Activities and Community Outreach.

    Bio – Dr. Dan Long

    “Watching students connect with each other, grow in confidence jump in and get involved in school life, and share joy with others is fantastic.”

    During his 30 years as an educator, Dr. Long has had the opportunity to work across all grade levels and is amazed at how much in common children of all ages, and adults, have in wanting to be motivated, encouraged, challenged, and experience success.

    Having spent more than 17 years overseas in Taiwan and Singapore, Dr. Long comes to us most recently from Taipei American School. He shares that he finds it tremendously satisfying to be able to be a part of students learning and growing experiences.

    Dr. Long and his wife Melissa, a registered nurse, are parents of three grown children. Visiting SSIS three years ago, they were impressed by the people: students, faculty, staff, and admin, and are looking forward to joining our team.

    Education: EdD Teaching, Learning, Curriculum, Leadership (Northeastern University, USA), MEd Ed Admin, (Columbia International University, USA), BS Elementary Ed, (Houghton College, USA)

    Mr. Tucker Barrows High School Learning Program Coordinator

    Tucker Barrows (USA)

    As a means to further enhance our Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and SSIS curricular programs, we have added a new position of High School Learning Program Coordinator which will be filled by Mr. Tucker Barrows.

    Bio – Tucker Barrows

    “I think self-management is one of the most relevant skills to develop: helping students figure out how to manage their time, energy, and emotions as they interface with all the responsibilities they have as young adults.”

    Joining us from the Lincoln School in Costa Rica, Tucker Barrows, new HS Learning Program Coordinator, is passionate about helping students develop self-management skills.

    When students in Mr. Barrow’s grade 11 and 12 class shared their own perspectives on self-management with younger students, he felt particularly proud of the work his team had done to support student self-management over several years.

    Mr. Barrows, who has lived and worked in several countries and contributed to starting up schools in Israel and China, will be joined by his wife, also a new HS faculty member and Social Science/Math teacher, and his toddler son. He’s hoping to begin a second master’s degree in economics and finance within the next year and enjoys reading, cooking, and exploring with his family in his free time.

    Excited by the vision of SSIS, its community, leadership team, and the teachers he has met so far, Mr. Barrows looks forward to joining our community.

    Education: PGD, Educational Leadership and Management (University of London, UK), MA History and Secondary Education (Texas Tech University, USA) BA History with minors in Philosophy and Spanish (University of North Texas, USA)

    Mr. Phil Wendel Middle School Associate Principal

    Phil Wendel (USA)

    We have added an Associate Principal to our growing middle school program. Mr. Phil Wendel will work directly with students and parents and support teachers and the Principal in ensuring that excellence is achieved in every classroom.

    Bio – Phil Wendel

    “I’ve had so many great mentors who were educators and I always aspire to have that type of positive influence on my students and colleagues. This is why I love working in education… ”

    Currently Co-Head of School at Waldorf School of Atlanta, Mr. Phil Wendel has more than 35 years of experience as an educator in the United States and Lebanon. During his extensive career, Mr. Wendel has served as a teacher, associate principal, principal, and co-head of school.

    Along with two principal exchanges abroad, Mr. Wendel credits a program with the East-West Center that took him to Cambodia, as experiences that enhanced his ability to relate to students and parents from other cultures than his own and motivated him to pursue international educational opportunities.

    Mr. Wendel spent a total of nine years in Lebanon at American Community School Beirut, as Middle School Assistant Principal and later, as Principal, helping design and navigate several key changes in the middle school.

    A certified yoga instructor, Mr. Wendel also loves being active outdoors, either running or biking. He is very excited to return to work in a middle school setting and to live in a part of the world that he’s never lived in before. Mr. Wendel will be joined by his wife, Sara.

    Education: MS in Sport Administration (Georgia State University, USA), BA in Psychology (DePauw University, USA), School Administration Certification (Georgia, USA)

    Ms. Shawn Edwards Elementary School Counselor

    Shawn Edwards (USA)

    We know that the school can serve as a valuable resource when students go through changes or face challenges. To provide even greater support to our elementary school families, Shawn Edwards will join us as a second ES Counselor and focus on social-emotional development.

    Bio – Shawn Edwards

    “My job as a counselor is to meet the social and emotional needs of our students in whatever ways they need in whatever ways I can. I look forward to the opportunity of supporting the students, families, and faculty of SSIS.”

    With 22 years of experience in education – 10 as a classroom teacher and 12 as a counselor, Ms. Edwards has vast experience of getting students to be comfortable sharing how they are feeling.

    Using creativity through counseling to reach students, Ms. Edwards wants to impart the understanding in the entire community that the social-emotional aspect of student learning is as important as the academic element.

    She is looking forward to joining our community and to becoming part of a counseling team in our elementary school.

    Education: Masters in Educational Counseling (Sam Houston State University, Texas, USA), Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (Stephen F. Austin University, Texas, USA)

    Program growth – providing your child with the best education possible

    With each program we develop and each teacher we add, we are ensuring that we live up to our promise to provide your child with the highest-quality education possible.

    We hope you are as excited as we are about our program developments and the opportunities your child has to learn, grow and thrive as a global citizen living a purposeful life.

    On one last note, I’d like to share that we will send out our community survey next week. The survey is an important opportunity for us to get your feedback on our people, places, and programs. Please keep a lookout for it. Your input is very valuable to us.

    All good wishes,

    Dr. Catriona Moran
    Head of School