[UPDATED] Parent Education, September 29: Using Character Strengths to Help Your Child Succeed


Update: David Bott’s Parent Hand-out: What Are Character Strengths, Character Strengths (ENG), Character Strengths (VN), Character Strengths (KR)

Join us this coming Wednesday, September 29, at 10:00 am, when David Bott, a global education consultant, best-selling author, and expert in applied well-being science will explain how you can use your child’s character strengths to help support them in being their best selves. This presentation is part of our Parent Education Wellness Series.

As part of their advisory, students have been learning about character strengths and identifying their own signature strengths.

Recently, in a session with students, Mr. Bott, who has been working closely with SSIS for the past few years, explained how students can use their signature strengths to overcome challenges and maximize their potential.